Welcome to Sproug Hub

Based on a unique concept of training the children in their feeding days, Sprog Hub is a dream that came to life on 8th April 2012. Indian parents still believe that early years are to play & enjoy, not to learn or take stress. That’s one of the major reasons that the quantity of educated students are increasing, but not the quality.

No child is born genius but you have to train them. Training them is important but training them in the right manner with the apt use of technologies can only produce a genius sprog. Sprog hub, a concept initiated by a highly educated family clan, checks on the overall development & growth of the child, believes in customizing syllabi as per every child’s requirement, as every child has a different grasping power.

“As a student I never understood chemistry. This doesn’t mean I was not a good student. But if the teaching methods could have been moulded to enhance my capabilities, I would have loved the subject.” That’s the ideology Sprog Hub is implementing, let us make every child astute.

New Academic Session Begins
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